Sea view breakfast in Ravello

At the Hotel Bonadies we think that BREAKFAST must be an

Every morning we begin preparing breakfasts at dawn, with our trustworthy suppliers who deliver FRESH PRODUCTS and the Breakfast Staff which sets up your perfect buffet.

From 7.30 am we are ready to transform your waking up moment into a really special one and until 10 am. 

We only use freshly-ground COFFEE BEANS and high-quality FRESH MILK.

The CAPPUCCINO is as good as the one at your favourite BAR.

Savour the AUTHENTIC flavour of American FILTER COFFEE, prepared with original “BUNN” coffee-makers.

In addition to many NATURAL SEEDS, you will find a wide variety of both FRESH and DRIED FRUIT for a full load of Wellness & Energy.

On offer there is crispy BACON and EGGS cooked in different ways: SCRAMBLED, FRIED and HARD-BOILED.

Fill up with energy with both our RAW and COOKED HAM and with a small CHEESE selection.


Our breakfast is available also for guest who don't stay in our Hotel.